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The 105th Anniversary of the Homecoming of the Jaegers

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The Defence Forces will celebrate the 105th Anniversary of the Homecoming of the Jaegers in Vaasa from 24 to 25 February

The festivities programme includes a review of troops, a pass in review, an equipment display and a concert.

The 105th Anniversary events in Vaasa:
Fri 24 Feb at 18.00 NDTA’s Pohjanmaa Band’s Church Concert in Vaasa Church
Sat 25 Feb at 9.00–12.00 Equipment display on the Vaasa Garrison field
Sat 25 Feb at 11.45 The Lapland Air Command will perform a flypast. A hornet fighter jet will fly over Vaasa’s Statue of Liberty.
Sat 25 Feb at 12.00 Review of troops at the Vaasa Market Square
Sat 25 Feb at 12.45 Pass in review from the Vaasa Market Square to Sisäsatama by Vaasanpuistikko-Rantakatu-Sisäsatama
Sat 25 Feb at 14.30 Wreath laying ceremony at the Jaeger Statue