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The ruins and park grounds

Interior view of the Holy Mary Church. Photo Hanna Kalliomaa 2010.

The ruins and surrounding park area are located in Vanha Vaasa at the end of the ‘Torikatu’ street. The grass covered, open area is dominated by the area’s most significant attraction; the ruins. Tall birch trees frame the scenery and, in addition to the grass surface and the ruins, create a distinct rhythm. The park is very popular and used during summer as a pedestrian route and during winter for tobogganing. The trees, alleys and coppices of the adjacent Station Park create a backdrop for the ruins opening up towards the street. Arriving by car, the ruins are approached from the parking lot south of the Kauppiaankatu street. By the side of the parking lot, towards the ruins, there is an information sign describing the history of the area.

After the Vaasa fire of 1852, only ruins remained of the Holy Mary Church, the belfry, the common school and the town hall. A park area was landscaped around the ruins and when the State Railway head gardener, Johan Konrad Kornman, later designed the Station Park his plan also included the whole area of the ruins but the only part of his plan that was realized is the stone fence encircling the remains of the Holy Mary Church. Copious amounts of soil were removed from in front of the Common School during the 1890’s, to be used in construction of the embankment to Vaskiluoto.

The ruin area is a magnificent sight all year round, as the main attraction, the ruins, distinguishes itself well against both summer green and winter white. In regards to vegetation, there are no particularly interesting attractions but the park still has its own unique atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit, if nothing else during wintertime with a sled.

The snow-covered terraces of the ruin area are used for tobogganing. 
In the background the ruin of the belfry. Photo Hanna Kalliomaa 2010.