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Hietalahti park

In 1835 the town doctor and town gardener Fredrik G. Sanmark rented the area now known as the Hietalahti park, and began constructing the villa garden. Sanmark also built a villa to the area. Carl Johan Boy had Villa Hietalahti built in 1846 based on the blueprints of A.J. Linder. The building is surrounded by the sea from three sides. The garden and the many horses and cows of the estate were looked after by the domestic workers. Boy developed the area in the style of German landscape gardens.

The villa was claimed by the city in 1880 and rented it to be used as a restaurant. A plan was ordered from Sven Lindh, a garden architect from Stockholm, to renovate the area. The plan was executed gradually when possible. The building was renovated during 1938–1939 and a dining area in the shape of a half circle was added.

Many public festivals took place at the villa garden the biggest being the song and dance festival in the summer of 1894 of the Swedish-speaking Lifelong Learning Foundation, Folkupplysningsförening. The guest of honour was the lyricist of the Swedish version of the song Vaasan marssi, Zacharias Topelius.