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Come to the library evening for first graders and get your own library card.

Published: 5.8.2022

Updated: 23.8.2022

Register for the library evening in advance and fill in the library card application. Please let us know which library’s event you want to attend. The library card is made beforehand. The guardian needs to bring along a valid ID and then the library card is ready to be used.

Library evening’s program:

  • Library card for first graders
  • Library orienteering
  • Decorate your own tote bag
  • Get some book recommendations
  • Borrow books and other materials


  • Sundom library Mon 22.8. 17-19
  • Vähäkyrö library Wed 24.8. 17-19
  • Variska library Tue 30.8. 17-19
  • Palosaari library Wed 31.8. 17-19
  • Suvilahti library Thu 8.9. 17-19
  • Main Library Tue 13.9. 17-19
  • Meeting point Huudi Tue 20.9. 17-19


Library evening for first graders 2022

  • Registration

  • All of the library evenings for first graders are at 5-7 p.m.
  • Library card is made beforehand. Nb! Please bring your ID with you.
  • Informations for library card

  • Choose four numbers and enter code to the section below
  • You can choose SMS or e-mail to the guardian or to the child