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New fishing pier at the Sundom Bridge

Published: 17.10.2023

A new fishing pier has been placed at the Sundom Bridge. The pier is over 20 metres long and located in an excellent fishing spot, sheltered from the biggest waves.

The pier was installed in late summer. It is not a brand-new pier, though, as before it was used for fishing, it served the small boaters of Isolahti from the 1970s until today.

– The pier was brought to the bridge from the Isolahti marina, which was renovated last year. Despite its respectful age, the pier is still in a solid condition and will serve the fishermen well into the future, says Jarmo Latvala, Service Manager.

The pier is located at the city end of the Sundom Bridge, near the waterway that runs under the bridge.

– The location of the pier was decided together with the sport and recreational fishermen of Vaasa. There, the sea is about four metres deep and the waters calm, so the pier is protected from the biggest waves, says Latvala.

The fishing season is gradually coming to an end, but the pier will remain in place over the winter, making it available for ice fishing, among other things.

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