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Öjberget opens on 26 December!

Published: 22.12.2023

Updated: 3.1.2024

Vaasa Winter Sports Centre Öjberget opens its two big slopes and the children's slope on Tuesday 26 December 2023. Tickets can be purchased conveniently online.


Update 3.1.2024: Öjberget is closed due to severe frost. If it is 20 degrees below zero or more, the hill will be closed.


On Tuesday 26 December the A and B slopes and the children’s slope will open. The C slope will be opened a little later, but as soon as possible! Öjberget sledding hill is also ready for use.

The slopes are open on weekdays from 17 to 20.30 and on weekends from 11 to 17.

Exceptional opening hours during the schools’ Christmas Break:

  • 26 Dec. from 11 to 17
  • 27–29 Dec. from 11 to 19
  • 30–31 Dec. from 11 to 17
  • 1 Jan. CLOSED
  • 2–5 Jan. from 11 to 19
  • 6–7 Jan. from 11 to 17

Tickets from the online store or ticket machine

If you already have a Snowcard pass, you can buy your Öjberget tickets online at As a new feature, you can now also pay using Epassi in the online store.

You can buy online the following tickets:

  • Season ticket €165
  • Day ticket €21
  • 3.5-hour ticket €16
  • 2-hour ticket €13
  • unfortunately, not the physical Snowcard pass for using the tickets

Before purchasing tickets, the customer must purchase a Snowcard pass (cost €5), to which the tickets will be downloaded. The passes are only sold on site at the Öjberget ticket machine, where you can buy both the pass and the ticket at once.