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Vaasa wins Finnish Municipal Marketing Championship - stories of happy people and employers’ campaign convinced the jury

Published: 16.9.2022

The City of Vaasa and the Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK) have won the Municipal Marketing Championship with their nationwide "World's Happiest Person" promotion and subsequent recruitment campaign.

– The jury appreciated the good spirit behind Vaasa’s campaign, which was strongly tied into a multi-level strategy, perfectly suited to the time, which successfully reached its target group through a wide range of means and cooperation. Vaasa’s feelgood campaign is an indication of the effect of a successful municipal marketing campaign to promote the vitality and attractiveness of the city, says Marketing Manager Eija Rautiainen from the Association of Finnish Municipalities.

– We are really happy about winning this! At the same time, this is a thank you and a token of appreciation for our work and investment to increase Vaasa’s attractiveness. And, of course, the award gives us the motivation to continue our work to raise the awareness and attractiveness of the Vaasa region, say the City of Vaasa’s Communications Manager, Leena Forsén, and Marketing Manager Mari Kattelus of the Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK).

The choice of the campaign theme stems from a bold strategy decision by the City of Vaasa, where one of their main goals was to have the happiest residents in Finland. The topic speaks to the millennials selected as the target group, who value a meaningful life and a good balance between work and free time.

– The idea of the campaign was to highlight the topic through the happy stories of three people from Vaasa. Although our goal is to be the happiest city in Finland, through these stories we wanted to share insights into a happy life for all Finns. And at the same time, of course, to increase the happiness of those living in the Vaasa region and the attractiveness of Vaasa as a place to live, says Forsén.

– Happiness was also a red thread in the recruitment campaign. The companies in the Vaasa region brought out meaningful jobs, but the employees of the companies also got to tell everyone their own secrets of happiness, adds Kattelus.

Strategic marketing continues

The competition for talent is fierce in Finland. Nevertheless, through strong marketing Vaasa continues to enhance the region’s strengths, especially for millennials, for whom it is natural to move in pursuit of meaningful and interesting work.

– In the spring, we highlighted the fact that happiness does not mean a perfect life, but that everyone’s life also includes failures and that is completely normal. We continue with the same theme again together with companies and bring out not only careers but also the importance and uniqueness of work communities. It’s doesn’t always work out like in Strömsö, even here in Strömsö – and that’s normal, summarise Forsén and Kattelus.

The campaign was implemented in cooperation with the marketing communications agency Drama Queen.