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1/2022 Vaasan kaupunki hiilineutraaliksi 202X - IoT - alustan luominen: reaaliaikainen seuranta-, testaus- ja kehitys VY

One of the City of Vaasa’s main strategic objectives is to reach carbon neutrality before 2030 (Carbon Neutral Vaasa 202X). In order to achieve this goal, decisive planning and measures are required of the city. In addition, strong collaboration with local organizations, institutions and stakeholders is essential. The city’s climate strategy bears an affect not only on everyday actions and projects but on piloting and testing new technologies and solutions as well.

The goal of this project is to develop a system that can track and verify the need and effectiveness of climate measures. This information is needed for planning and decision-making.
The project promotes good cooperation between the city and universities. By utilizing data more extensively, the project aims to achieve cost-effectiveness, new innovations, and reductions in emissions. The project is closely related to the separate investment project of the City of Vaasa (project application 401609), which will purchase an IoT platform, edge computing device, and various sensors.

One paramount requirement in order to the City of Vaasa to reach its carbon neutrality objectives, and plan relevant measures, is to be able to constantly monitor and measure the development of emissions’ levels in real-time. Currently it is not possible for the City of Vaasa to monitor and analyze the CO2 development nor the impact of executed climate measures in near-real-time nor in real-time. Real-time monitoring requires the creation of Internet of Things
(IoT) -data platform, which enables the gathering of essential and relevant data for further analysis and utilization. Primary objective for the IoT-platform, is to gather data from the city’s
energy systems – from energy production and consumption. Furthermore, the city’s traffic system would benefit greatly from a reliable and scalable real-time data platform for its traffic planning and project implementation and the evaluation concerning low-carbon mobility.

However, the City of Vaasa has no previous experience in the operation of the IoT-platform and what can be combined with it and where and how exactly the platform could be utilised. Building up this knowledge and experience is an essential part of the project’s objectives.

This project part promotes the Vaasa Innovation ecosystem agreement.

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