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The best parks for a picnic in Vaasa 

Forget the little laws crowded between streets filled with car exhaust. In Vaasa, the parks extend to a beach zone that is several kilometers long by the sea and where each area has its own character and feeling. The parks are so close to the city center that the lunch bag you have picked up from a café or restaurant does not have time to cool down before you have spread out the picnic blanket and kicked off your shoes. Check out Visit Vaasa’s tips for a park tour of Finland’s unofficial picnic capital.

1. Hovioikeudunpuisto

The classic of the classics, the park where students celebrate “vappu” and the city’s uncrowned park queen: Hoviska! A common gathering place for the residents of Vaasa and their guests where the city promenade’s restaurants, the beach on Sandö as well as the city’s museums are just a short walk away.
Tips for the picnic basket: canned drinks and potato salad, alternatively a fresh salad and water

2. Koivupuisto

This park is suitable for the whole family and is continuation of the park series along Rantakatu. A beautiful and well-kept park to thrive in, especially for those who prefer to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a bench rather than directly on the grass.
Tips for the picnic basket: take away coffee or ice cream.

3. Kasarmintorinpuisto

Kasarmintorin puisto is located a bit away from the beach and is more sheltered from the sea winds. The park has large open lawns and is suitable for ball games, even with a larger group.
Tips for the picnic basket: A pizza from a nearby pizzeria tastes good after the ball game, even though it might have gotten a bit cold.

4. Kustaanlinnanpuisto

Kustaanlinnanpuisto is a natural park located between the hospital and the sea. Here you can enjoy coffee from a thermos while watching birds or marveling at how the shoreline is shaped by the ice age. After strolling around in the woods for a while, you can take a dip in the sea at the beach with the sandy bottom.
Tips for the picnic basket: coffee in a thermos and sandwiches

5. Hietalahdenpuisto

You can enjoy your “five o’ clock tea”, also known as your afternoon tea with scones, in the park next to Hietalahden Villa, just like in stories of Jane Austen or Bridgerton. It is nice to sit and dream under a tree whilst enjoying the sea, which glitters between the trees by the beach.
Tips for the picnic basket: Macarons and tea in a pot

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