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  • Bergö Café & Hantverk

    Bredhällsvägen 77, Malax

    Bergö Café & Hantverk is located in an old farmhouse in the middle of Bergö village.
    Local crafts and delicacies.

    +358 50 363 8073



  • Frank Mangs Center

    Kristinestadsvägen 884, Närpes

    The well known preacher and author Frank Mangs was active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and even the U.S.A, during the 20th century. He grew up in the small village of Ståbacka in southern Närpes. His home has now been transferred into an educational institute. The area encompasses Mangsgården, which is the old farmhouse where you can still find traces of Frank Mangs; Tröskhuset with a large auditorium and modern equipment for sound and movies, as well as kitchen and dining hall for 120 people and finally Elisgården with accommodation. There are many events organized in the building and it can also be rented for conferences and such.

    +358 6 225 9210




  • Fänrik Ståhls Centre

    Slagfältsvägen 130, Oravainen

    +358 50 343 2642



  • Granholm's Factory Outlet & Coffee Shop

    Västerö 1707, Vörå

    Granholm’s is situated in Maxmo archipelago, Ostrobothnia, Finland. We have cultured tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses since 1978 and produced eg. different marmalades and jams since 1989.
    In our factory outlet you can buy all of our products and also vegetables and handicrafts. We also serve coffee and ice cream.

    +358 (0)6 345 5002




  • Harrström old fishing harbour

    Sjötået 45, Korsnäs

    Harrström old fishing harbour, a Place full of life during the summer months. Close to the harbour a small museum about how a fisherman’s family lived ine the turn of the century 1800-1900.



  • Island Bergö

    Bergö, Malax

    Welcome to a unique and scenic island in the Kvarken archipelago. On Bergö you get close to the nature, here you can swim, hike, bike, fish, and enjoy the magnificent scenery and the many picturesque boathouses. Everywhere you go, you are greeted by the large Gulf of Bothnia. The island’s total area is approximately 3.15 square kilometers and Bergö has about 480 inhabitants.



  • Kvarken Shop

    Björkövägen 1011, Korsholm

    Kvarken Shop

    Gift Shop for local handicraft, ceramic art, wool and silk products, silver and glass products, paintings, wood works, and cosmetics from nature.




  • Kyrö Distillery's restaurant and visitors center

    Oltermannintie 6, Isokyö

    Kyrön Matkailun Edistämiskeskus (Kyrön Tourism Board) is a restaurant & bar located in the same building as Kyrö Distillery.

    Kyrö Tourism Board offers dinner packages for groups, focusing on Finnish delicacies and locally sourced ingredients. The group packages can be tailored to also include a Kyrö spirit tastings, a cocktail school and a distillery tour where the story behind Kyrö spirits really comes to life.

    During the visitor centre opening hours, individual customers can also attend distillery tours and tastings as well as enjoy unique cocktails based on locally sourced ingredients. Visti our web pages for opening hours.

    +358 400 748 174




  • Köttdisken

    Köpingsvägen 11, Maalahti

    Köttdisken “The meat counter” is a meat and fish shop focusing on locally produced, quality and good service. We at Meat Counter have a burning interest in good food. Hope you like our assortment!

    +358 50 572 7115




  • Malakta Art Factory

    Töckmovägen 48b, Malax

    The Art Factory is an independent production-house that focuses on the realization of ideas and where artists from different disciplines can gather, create and share their ideas and works. Malakta is a space that offers facilities to artists in different fields and as production company initiates innovative projects and productions.

    +358 50 587 5674



  • Perttilä bridge

    Perttilän siltatie, Isokyrö

  • Replot bridge

    Replotvägen 1, Korsholm

    Raippaluodon silta on Suomen pisin silta.

    Let the Replot bridge lead you to the northern part of the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area!

    The bridge is 1045 metres long which makes it the longest bridge in Finland. By the bridge, park your car at the parking area by the Restaurant and Café Berny’s, walk up to the bridge and take in the scenery. Visit also the World Heritage Gateway in the same premises with the restaurant. There you can get tips for your trip to the archipelago.

    The bridge opened in 1997 and Martti Ahtisaari and Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, the previous presidents of Finland and Iceland, attended the opening on the 27th of August. The bridge replaced ferries and thousands of people cross the bridge every day. The pylons rise 82,5 meters above sea level and the clearance height for boats is 26 meters.

    Photo: Esa Siltaloppi/ES Visuals

  • Sommaröhallen Handicraft Shop

    Sommarösundvägen 260, Korsholm


    Sommaröhallen is a local shop for handicraft, local food, flowers, and a coffee shop in Södra Vallgrund in the Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago.

    +358 6 3527 830



  • Strömsö

    Strömsöntie, Vaasa

    Villa Strömsö

    Strömsö is known as the recording venue for the popular TV show Strömsö, a Lifestyle program that deals with things that you do at home or at your leisure time. The first program was broadcast in 2002 and ever since its inception, it has been at the top of Svenska Yle’s most viewed program, so millions of Finns know this environment. The program is also broadcast in Sweden via SVT. The recording site is located in the district of Västervik, about 10 kilometres from the centre of Vaasa.

    Strömsö is also the name of the building where the program is recorded. The building, built in the 1850s, is beautifully situated in a park, and in the area there are various projects that were made in the TV program.

    You can on your own visit and walk around the area. There is also a well-visited beach and a nice lawn for picnics or sunbathing.

    If you want to go inside the buildings, this is possible during the summer one of the guided walks. Read more and book your ticket at https://visitvaasa.sportum.info/ 



  • Terranova

    Museokatu 3, Vaasa

    Terranova is the name of the museum’s permanent natural science exhibition. Terranova is Latin for ‘new land’. In the Kvarken region the ´new´ land rises from the sea at a rate of 9 mm per year. Terranova was opened in 2002 in cooperation with the Ostrobothnian Museum, the Finnish Forest and Park Service Metsähallitus and the Ostrobothnia Australis Association.

    Terranova presents nature in the Kvarken and Vaasa region from the Ice Age until the present day. Visitors can wonder at the land uplift phenomenon and its consequences, admire the beautiful Kvarken Archipelago and its fauna with all their senses. They can pat a ringed seal or touch rock that is billions of years old, dive beneath the surface in a virtual aquarium and watch nature films in the auditorium.

    Terranova is also privileged to present a unique natural heritage site: The Kvarken Archipelago was entered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2006 – the only natural site in Finland to be included so far. Together with the High Coast of Sweden, it forms a natural heritage site. The area was given the status of world heritage because post-glacial rebound is more visible here than anywhere else in the world. More information about the High Coast and the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage is available at www.merenkurkku.fi and www.naturumhogakusten.se.

    +358 6 325 3800




  • The old stone bridge in Toby

    Tobyvägen 532, Toby

    The stone bridge at Toby is the second oldest stone bridge still in use in Finland. With its twin arches, its 85 m length and 5,5 m width, it is a fine example of the bridge-building techniques of the 18th century.

  • Tottesund estate

    Tottesund 529, Maxmo

    The traditions of Tottesund Estate go all the way back to the 17th century. Earlier it has been used as an estate for military officers, and today it is used as an office building. There’s a possibility for quided tours in July.

    +358 6 382 1111



  • Tuomaanmäki Bronze Age grave

  • Vaasa Market hall

    Vaasanpuistikko 18, Vaasa

    Vaasan kauppahalli

    For over a century Vasa Market Hall has been serving people as an essential gathering place and market in Vaasa. We, the merchants are very proud of our Gothic style hall building and its atmosphere ringing with history. Vasa Market Hall is one of the oldest in Finland, it is also protected by museum laws.

    The Market hall was built in two separate sections of which the first, the one adjacent to Vaasanpuistikko stood clear in 1902, the second one, closer to Kauppapuistikko in 1927. From 1963 and on, the two halves have been joined together, making a free passage between the upper and the lower section of the Market Hall.

    Visit the Market Hall for lunch, finish it off with a nice espresso and bring home some nice fresh ingredients – everything conveniently under the same roof! We also offer special treats that make your taste-buds water.




  • Vitmossen, Bronze age domicile

    Kimovägen 105, Vöyri