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Vaasa Youth Council

Hello, young resident of Vaasa! What would you like to change about this city? Should the cycling paths be improved? Does the public transport work as it should? Are there enough recreational activities?

The members of the youth council make the voice of young people heard, taking their ideas and wishes to the city’s policymakers. In addition, the youth council has a yearly budget whose funds the council can allocate for creating interesting activities for the city’s young people and for the operating grants awarded to local youth groups.

The youth council elections are held every two years. A representative of the youth council has the right to attend and speak at city council meetings as well as at the meetings of the city’s five boards.

The tasks of the youth council members

  • to make the voice of young people heard
  • to take a stand on current issues
  • to make initiatives and statements

Youth council elections

The youth council is elected by the city council for a two-year term. The first elected youth council was founded on the 1st of January 2017.

The current youth council is elected for the period 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2024.

  • The elections are held in all the largest middle schools and secondary education institutions.
  • You can stand as a candidate for the youth council and vote in the elections also at the youth houses Kultsa and Ristikka.
  • A total of 22 full members and 10 substitute members are elected for the council.
  • Candidates are elected by the number of votes they poll.
  • All Vaasa residents between 13 to 20 years of age can stand as candidates and vote in the elections.

The Youth Council Board and representatives 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2024

The Youth Council Board

The chair: Aaro Helo (
I vice-chair: Simon Hellbom (influencing)
II vice-chair: Olli Svenfelt (operations)
III vice-chair: Taleen Saeed (communications)

General secretary: Oskari Koskimäki
Finance secretary: Saara Valkama
Communications secretary: Sauli Syri

Full members:

Aaro Helo

Emmi Schlöbcke

Jaakko Hirvonen

Simon Hellbom

Hanna Illman

Oskari Koskimäki

Sofia Lintala

Mustafa Salih

Isaqh Abdullahi-aden

Sauli Syri

Yara Abdul Menem

Seela Pasanen

Niko Lehtinen

Taleen Saeed

Tiki Torrkulla

Ian Mittilä

Noomi Pasanen

Abolfazl Ghulamzada

Olli Svenfelt

Saara Valkama

Matilda Mattson

Eeli Töyli

Pihla Vikman



1. Saara Helo
2. Joona Vainio
3. Veera Hinkkanen
4. Santiago Laitinen
5. Sabrina Hirsi Mohammed
6. Alisha Kubal
7. Liam Gädda
8. Nooa Pörtfors
9. Rebecca Mäki
10. Lukas Hoppi

Presenters: the Chair, the Vice-Chairs, the Youth affairs Coordinator and the Youth Secretary

Representative of the City Council: Lotta Alhonnoro

Calendar of meetings in 2024

  • 15th of February
  • 21th of March
  • 25th of April
  • 16th of May
  • 22th of August
  • 19th of September
  • 24th of October
  • 21th of November
  • 12th of December

The meetings take place on Thursdays at 5.30 pm at Hallintotalo (Administration Building), at the City Council Meeting Hall, on Vaasanpuistikko 10, 2nd floor (or on Teams).

Minutes of the meetings

The minutes are available in Finnish and Swedish only.


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