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Welcome to a public lecture by Happiness Professor Markku Ojanen!

Markku Ojanen

Attend a Happiness lecture!

Happiness Professor Markku Ojanen will give a free public lecture, but the date is postponed due to covid. A new date will be announced soon. A link to the webinar will be published on this page and on the social media channels of the City of Vaasa.
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Onnellisuustutkija Markku Ojanen

Happiness researcher – Markku Ojanen

Markku Ojanen is a long-standing researcher of happiness. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Tampere. Markku has written 37 books on the subject, so he has a solid vision and knowledge of what makes a person happy and why and how people can invest in their own happiness.


Markku defines happiness:

“When a person is happy, they don’t have to remember the ‘good old days’ or think that the future will bring something better, since they are satisfied, grateful, and happy with what life brings right now."