Vaasa pulsates of life also after the summer, as the city is opiskelijat_koulutus
invaded by ca. 12 000 students in the autumn.
Vaasa is a nice and many-sided city to live and study in.

Vaasa is a prominent and important university city. The scientific educational institutions the University of Vaasa, the Åbo Akademi i Vasa and Hanken School of Economics are providing education and research on a high level.

At the University of Applied Sciences and the swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences, Finland knowledge and skills of higher education are united. Vaasa University of Applied sciences is bilingual, and beside Finnish and Swedish instruction is given also in English and German.

Education on the second stage is offered e.g. at the Finnish vocational school, the institute of business economics and hotel management, the institute of social services and health care and the Swedish vocational institute.

A lively educational city naturally offers many recreational activities. There is a wide range of sports activities, from paddling to bowling and everything in between.

The students’ associations of the educational institutions arrange different activities for their members. If you don’t find anything interesting among the courses offered by the adult education centres, you can start your own club! The night life in the restaurants is very lively as in all real student cities.

The students lodgings situation is good in Vaasa. The student housing foundation VOAS provides accommodation for more than 3000 students, and it is also possible to find lodgings on the private market.

Further information about the possibilities of studying in Vaasa is given on the home pages of the educational institutions or at the citizens information bureau, tel. (06) 325 1550, Kirjastonkatu 13.


Photo: Jaakko Salo



Updated 8.7.2013 Havu Iina Elina