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  • Beaches in Vaasa


    Vaasan uimarannat
  • Experience the Kvarken archipelago on the cruiser M/S Corina. Daily cruises 1.7.-6.8.2023.

    You can also book M/S Corina for a long or short cruise in our unique, beautiful archipelago. M/S Corina takes a maximum of 50 passengers and you can book catering services on board.

    +358 500 260 751

  • Organised cruises

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa

    Would you like to experience the Kvarken Archipelago from a new angle? Perhaps you would like to see the Kvarken’s own red ‘Eiffel tower’ at Valsörarna islands? The cruises in the Kvarken take you to both the inner and outer archipelago whose islands are little paradises in beautiful summer days.



  • Tropiclandia indoor and outdoor Water Park

    Kesäpolku 1, Vaasa

    Tropiclandia Waterpark is a dream-come-true for a family that loves water.  Water slides, waves, waterfalls, bubble baths, exotic saunas. At the outdoor water park  wild water slide chutes, two activity pools for children, a Jacuzzi and ample space for lying and relaxing in the sun, as well as terrace restaurant.

    +358 20 796 1300


  • Vaasa Aquatic center

    Hietalahdenkatu 8, Vaasa

    Vaasan uimahalli

    The Vaasa Swimming Hall has four different pools, which cater for activities of different ages.

    In addition to swimming, an admission ticket to the swimming hall allows visitors to practice deepwater running and go to the gym. A diving platform and springboards are also available for visitors.


    +358 40 635 8118

  • Harbors along the route Solrutten

    From Siipyynniemi in the south to Ohtakari in the north.

    The name ”Solrutten” translates to The Sunny Route in English. The concept was originally formed in the 1970’s. The operators who developed The Gulf of Bothnia’s sea lane network at that time came up with the name. Today the Sunny Coast Route stretches through 13 municipalities and towns’ sea areas along the west coast of Finland, from Kristiinankapunki in the south to Kokkola in the north.

    The routes and marinas are geographically featured according to in which municipality they are situated. As the municipalities and the regional council mediate a lot of information to travelers, we have on our part decided to create our own website based on the municipality division. In this way sailors can easily access information about the municipality they are passing through and thus making information search a lot easier.

    The archipelago of Ostrobothnia is shallow and stony. This means that navigation in the region requires a great deal of skill and care. We have decided to create the information about routes and the information given about how to approach the marinas on a basis requested by those skippers who navigate with deeper boats.

    On the web page you find route suggestions and recommended destinations. On the map, you can click on a selected location for more information about the harbor and how to approach it.


  • Beaches in Korsholm


    Mustasaaren uimarannat
  • Beaches in Korsnäs


  • Beaches in Malax


    Uimarannat Maalahdessa
  • Beaches in Närpes


    Uimarannat Närpiössä
  • Beaches in Vörå


    Vöyrin Uimarannat
  • Dare2Do


    Dare2Do focuses on organizing outdoor activities with a low threshold in the Kvarken region.

    During the winter focus is on snowshoe hiking for smaller groups of maximum 10-12 people. High quality products support a good experience.

    Hiking events with different lengths from spring to fall. During the summer, depending on the weather, generally mid-May to mid-September Dare2Do offers various forms of sea kayaking for groups of up to five people with high level of safety and optimized experience in mind. Safety/rescue events/training, beginner’s try out, Half-day-Full day tours or tours with overnight stay.

    Survival skills and learning can be baked into the program with any activity.

    Retreat type of events for all activities can be planned together for an optimized enjoyable time in nature.

    +358 40 579 2874


  • Floating Sauna

    Hietasaari 6, 65100 Vaasa

    Floating Sauna is a 6 x 10 m sauna raft that is located close to the center of Vaasa at Hietasaari Island . You can choose to rent the sauna and stay at the pier in Hietasaari or rent it with a captain and cruise in the beautiful archipelago of Vaasa while enjoying a warm and relaxing sauna bath. Maximum of 15 people is allowed on board.


    +358 44 210 6069, +358 40 961 5457


  • Gaia Events - Jan Gäddnäs

    Gaia Events has been operating since 1998 with a selection of activities all year around. The company arranges guided hikings and tours in the nature and on the sea, kayaking tours, fishing trips, and team work building.

    +358(0)50 581 2929

  • Goodwind charter sailing


    Goodwind Sailing in Kvarken archipelago, max. 14 person.

    Beneteau Oceanis 381 (s/y Goodwind), kitchen, 3 cabins, 8 beds, 2 x WC, etc.

    Harbor of departure and arrival can be freely selected by the customer.
    Price includes yacht, skipper and safety equipment for 14 during the trip.
    Route and duration of sailing can be freely selected by the customer.  Minimum booking time is 4 hours.

    +358 50 546 4827 Purjehdukset Merenkurkun saaristossa.pdf


  • Hietasaari Beach Club

    Hietasaari, Vaasa

    At Vaasa’s most popular beach, you can enjoy a summer day with water sports.  When you are hungry or thirsty, you can find a high-quality restaurant at Hietasaari beach.


    +358 44 727 9108


  • Swim center in Isokyrö

    Knaapilantie 8, Isokyrö

    +358 6 470 1257, +358 50 314 2353


  • Vaasan Saaristopalvelut Oy - Archipelago Cruises

    Vaasan sisäsatama, Vaasa

    25.6. – 14.8. 2022 Cruises with M/S Tiira, every day from the Inner Harbour (Sisäsatama) in Vaasa.

    During the cruise there is a one hour stop on the Island of Kuusisaari, where it is possible to buy food and drink in Restaurant Janne´s Saloon.

    Also chartered cruises according to your wishes. Short cruises can be made in the Vaasa region or longer cruises e.g. to Mikkelinsaaret, where there are facilities for meetings, sauna and overnight accommodations.

    +358 50 553 1236


  • Jetlyfe Oy | Jet ski rental

    Rantakatu 26, Vaasa

    A jet ski rental company founded by two young students. We have four well-equipped Sea-Doo Spark Trixx (year model 2022) jet-skis. A chart plotter, two life jackets and a 20 liter dry bag are included in the rent. Book using the reservation calendar, by calling or by e-mail. You can use Smartum, Epassi and Edenred as payment methods. You can also pay by bank card and contactless payment.

    Experience the Vaasa archipelago and Vaasa from the sea!


    +358 40 577 6959


  • Vaasa Kayak Rental

    Rantakatu 21, Vaasa

    Vaasa Kayak Rental offers everyone access to the sea and the opportunity to paddle in, for example, the Vaasa archipelago or the Kvarken World Heritage Site.

    Starting point is in the summer Rantakatu 21 in Vaasa where you can launch the kayak.

    If you prefer to start from some other spot, you can transport the kayak. If you rent several kayaks, we can also rent a trailer with kayak carrying rack, the trailer fits up to 10 kayaks.

    Booking alternatives:

    • 3 hours
    • whole day (9-18)
    • weekend (Fri-Sun)


    +358 40 505 5665