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Swimming Hall

The Vaasa Swimming Hall has four different pools, which cater for activities of different ages.

In addition to swimming, an admission ticket to the swimming hall allows visitors to practice deepwater running and go to the gym. A diving platform and springboards are also available for visitors.

  • Opening hours

    The swimming hall is open every day of the week.

  • Price list

    In addition to swimming, an admission ticket includes participation in water aerobics classes and use of the gym.

  • Water aerobics

    Water aerobics classes are included in the price.

  • Diving tower

    The diving board and the diving tower at Vaasa Swimming Hall located in 25 -metre pool. Only persons who are able to swim can diving.

  • Gym

    In addition to swimming, an admission ticket includes use of the gym. Gyms can only be used by 13-years olds and older.

  • Instructions

    By following the common rules, we create a safe and comfortable place for everyone.

  • Summer times 2024

    The Swimming hall is open Monday to Friday!

Contact us

  • Hietalahdenkatu 8, Vaasa

Opening times

  • Swimming hall is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday clk 6.30-21, Tuesday and Thursday clk 8-21, Saturday and Sunday clk 10-18

  • Service point is open Monday, Wednesday clk 6.30-19.45, Tuesday clk 8-19.45, Thursday and Friday clk 8-18.45, Saturday and Sunday clk 10-16.45.

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