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About coronavirus

Swimming Hall

To knowledge

The gym is closed until 31.10.2020

As of 19.9.2020, the 25m pool and the children’s pool are out of use for the time being due to maintenance work.

50 m pool have only 25 m tracks during the time 21.9.2020 – 1.11.2020



(The Vaasa Swimming Hall has four different pools, which cater for the activities of different ages.)

In addition to swimming, an admission ticket to the swimming hall allows visitors to practice deep-water running and go to the gym. A diving platform and springboards are also available for visitors

The reception is closed at 75 min before and the pools and the gym are closed  half an hour before closing time



Instructions given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and our rules in autumn 2020

Restrictions on the number of people at public events do not apply to normal operation of swimming pools, e.i. there are no restrictions on the number of visitors.

Visitors must remember to observe safe social distancing rules and remember good hand and cough hygiene.

  • Visitors must remember to avoid unnecessary physical contact
  • Please use face mask
  • Come healthy
  • Please read the guidepost and respect indications from staff
  • Please pay with card
  • No hair dryer in the dressing rooms
  • Please clean that equipment’s that you have used
  • We have these water running belt and our staff are cleaning them after using
  • Respect other swimmers!
  • Cafe uimala is open



Contact us

  • Service point tel. +358 40 635 8118

  • Instructor, Swimming education tel. +358 40 734 3668

  • Service manager tel. +358 40 754 3669

  • Hietalahdenkatu 8, Vaasa

Opening times

  • Swimming hall is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday clk 6.30-21, Tuesday and Thursday clk 8-21, Saturday and Sunday clk 10-18

  • Service point is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday clk 6.30-19.45, Tuesday and Thursday clk 8-19.45, Saturday and Sunday clk 10-16.45

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