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Social and healthcare

The field of social and health care is constantly changing and developing. New, reliable professionals are dearly needed in the sector. Working in the field is team playing, because you get to work together with professionals in different areas and with people of all ages.

Midwives, nurses, bio analysts, X-ray assistants and nursing and social health care professionals that have graduated from Novia, the Swedish University of Applied Sciences, are sought after on the Nordic job markets due to their Swedish skills. Novia also offers the possibility to take a Master’s degree in Social and Health Care. The teaching language of the Nursing programme is English.

Website of Novia University of Applied Sciences

At Åbo Akademi University you can stady Master’s Degree Programme in Advanced Practice Nursing.
The Master’s Degree Programme in Advanced Practice Nursing programme in Clinical Caring Science offers advanced clinical competencies for practice nurses.

Website of Åbo Akademi University