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Studying in Vaasa

In Vaasa there are six higher education institutions providing degree programmes in Finnish, Swedish and English. On upper secondary level, there are several vocational education and training opportunities offered for both youth and adults.

Higher education in Vaasa

The six higher education institutions in Vaasa offer over 30 different degree programmes. Below are listed the institutions and fields on which degree programmes in English are offered.

Hanken School of Economics

At Hanken School of Economics campus, which is located in the center of Vaasa, you can study a MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Hankens other campus is located in Helsinki.

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Novia University of Applied Sciences

Novia UAS Campus Vasa is a lively learning environment located in Palosaari with students representing a wide range of studies, such as Business Administration, Health and Welfare, and Technology.

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University of Helsinki - Vaasa Unit

Since 1991 the Faculty of Law at University of Helsinki has maintained a bilingual program of legal study in Vaasa. The students are able to take a Bachelor of Law degree and a Master of Law degree in Vaasa.

Teaching in Finnish/Swedish.

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University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa beautiful maritime campus is located in Palosaari, a short walk away from the Vaasa city centre. The University of Vaasa offer several Master’s Programmes completely in English.


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VAMK University of Applied Sciences

VAMK offer two full-time degree programmes in English: Information Technology and International Business. VAMK also offers Master’s degree in business and engineering. The campus is located in Palosaari.

Åbo Akademi University

Åbo Akademi University offer different programmes in a number of different fields. Master programmes in English in Vaasa: Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, Advanced Practice Nursing and Teaching and Learning.

The university is spread across two main campuses: one in the City of Vaasa and the other in the City of Turku. Which campus you study at will depend on your chosen programme.

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  • Vaasa excels in the education of business and finance, if these fields interest you, it is worth looking into the universities in Vaasa.

  • Vaasa is the energy capital of Finland. The engineering education offered by the universities has been designed in partnership with Finland’s leading energy sector companies, so that the degree programmes perfectly meet the needs of today’s working life.

  • The field of social and health care is constantly changing and developing. New, reliable professionals are dearly needed in the sector. Working in the field is team playing, because you get to work together with professionals in different areas and with people of all ages.

  • Targeted for those looking to make a positive impact on society, these programmes aim to prepare their students for a professional working life. The programmes follow the challenges and changes of modern-day society.