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Student life in Vaasa

In Vaasa, you have the opportunity to build the career of your dreams, study your dream field, explore the scenic shores of the sea, immerse yourself in culture, and recharge through hobbies. The sky is the limit!

If you’re looking to make the most out of life, Vaasa is the perfect place to call home! Here, a combination of affordable rents meets short distances and an international urban city culture, providing educational opportunities that open doors to your dream career.

Below, you will find tips and links to achieve a happy student life and living, making your time as a student in Vaasa the best time of your life!

Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Welcome Office for additional information and guidance.

Student Housing

Vaasa provides a diverse range of housing options, including rentals and opportunities for purchasing your own apartment or house.

VOAS – The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa

The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa provides affordable living options for students. VOAS provides shared apartments, studios, two-room, and three-room apartments in close proximity to the schools. This student housing option is widely considered convenient, reliable, and affordable.

Read more: VOAS

Lärkan Student Housing

Lärkan (Svenska lärarhögskolans bostadsstiftelse r.s.) is a housing foundation established to assist students in securing affordable and convenient housing in the area. The apartments are primarily designated for students studying at Åbo Akademi, but if there are vacancies, they are also made available for students from other schools.

Read more: Lärkan

Other options

You also have the option to rent apartments from private homeowners or through estate agents. A list of rental apartment providers in Vaasa can be found here.

Moreover, you can discover used items and furniture for your home at affordable prices. Explore second-hand stores and flea markets in Vaasa here.

Student Restaurants and Cafés

Students have the opportunity to dine in all student cafeterias on university campuses. By presenting their student card, lunch typically costs around €2.50–€5.50.

University of Vaasa and VAMK

  • Cotton Club
  • August Restaurant
  • Mathilda
  • Café Techno
  • Serveri
  • Café Wolff’s Street


  • Alere
  • Restaurant W33


  • Café Hermes

Åbo Akademi

  • Restaurant Alexander

The location of student cafeterias on the map:

Getting Around in Vaasa

Getting around in Vaasa is easy with a bicycle, bus, or even an electric scooter.


Vaasa is a bicycle-friendly city with excellent bike paths, and cycling is a fast means of transportation due to short distances within the city.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are available in Vaasa from two different service providers: Tier and Voi. Download the Tier app or Voi app, and you can easily travel from one place to another.

Public Transport

The joint public transport service of the City of Vaasa and Mustasaari, known as Lifti, commenced its operations in the summer of 2022. For students, traveling is affordable, with a single journey costing only €1 with a Waltti card and a season pass is available for €29!

Learn more: Bus Schedules and Routes

The Finnish Student Health Services

The Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) provides general, mental and oral health care services for degree students at a low cost.

Learn more: FSHS

Sports Services

University of Vaasa Sport Services

The University of Vaasa sport services are aimed at the students and staff of the University of Vaasa and the degree students and the students and staff of VAMK.

You can access Sports Services by purchasing a sports sticker, which can be obtained from the Vaasa University online store. Explore more about Sports Services on their website.

ÅAU Sports

ÅAU Sports, aimed at students of Åbo Akademi University, Novia, and Hanken, offers a diverse range of sports opportunities. By paying the ÅAU Sports membership fee, you gain access to a fantastic array of benefits from various service providers throughout Vaasa. Learn more on the ÅAU Sports website.

Vaasa City Sport Services

Vaasa’s sports services offer residents a variety of sports services ranging from swimming to group fitness classes. Participation in group fitness classes is unlimited with the purchase of a sports card. The sports card is available at a discounted price for students with a student card.

The Onkilahti Outdoor Gym is open and free for everyone. It was opened to the public in the summer of 2023. Each piece of outdoor gym equipment is accompanied by signs containing usage instructions. Furthermore, these signs include a QR code that provides more detailed information about the various usage possibilities of each equipment.

From Vaasa Main Library, you can also borrow sports and recreational equipment using your library card.

Alma Adult Education Centre

At Vaasa’s Alma Adult Education Centre, everyone can find a hobby. With us, you can study to develop the skills you need in working life or just for fun. We welcome you to come and study what inspires you!

Check out the courses we offer.

Vaasa Unveiled

Especially for new students moving to Vaasa from elsewhere, the city might feel unfamiliar. The following list provides you with an overview of what you can see and experience in Vaasa!

Replot Bridge

Did you know that Finland’s longest bridge is situated here? The Replot Bridge is the only bridge in Finland that spans over a kilometre in length!

The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site

The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site offers numerous beautiful spots to discover. No stone, rocky islet, or island is alike.

Here, you can embark on an expedition to explore the unique nature, culture, and geology. The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site is also the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the massive ice sheet of the last Ice Age.

With plenty of trails, routes, and activities, such as canoeing, there are diverse options for visitors. The area is a perfect place to connect with nature and explore the wild outdoors!

Learn more about the site here.

Tips and Activities for Your Free Time

  • Replot Bridge, the longest bridge in Finland leads into the Kvarken Archipelago Heritage Site – Finland´s only Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • We get gorgeous sunsets! Check out the best spots to enjoy them.
  • Various beaches to choose from for your summer visit.
  • Capture a moment with the “I love Vaasa” sign by the waterfront.
  • Explore museums and attend musical concerts. Check out what we have to offer!
  • Enjoy the various sports facilities – the swimming hall, gyms, open soccer fields and ice-hockey rinks. There’s even an outdoor gym!

You can rent or borrow equipment from libraries such as skates, snowshoes, sports equipment, and tools. The Vaasa City Library also has a 3D printer and a sewing machine. Read more here.

  • Vaasa is a haven for those seeking an ideal study environment. Across six university and polytechnic institutions, you can pursue various degrees offered in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

  • It is no wonder that Vaasa’s cityscape exudes a youthful vibe – every fifth person you encounter is a university student!

  • Top-notch jobs await top performers! The Vaasa region is currently in demand for various professionals. Explore the new career opportunities offered in this vibrant region.