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Kokkola Winter Accordion: Tiit Kalluste, Villu VeskiNordic Sounds and Teija Niku Solo

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Photographic scenery from the coasts and archipelagoes of the Baltic Sea

Tiit Kalluste accordion
Villu Veski saxophone, soprano saxophone, wind instruments
Teija Niku accordion
The Estonian jazz music ambassadors Tiit Kalluste and Villu Verski are well-known musicians in their homeland, and Nordic Sounds is one of their most longstanding projects. Their Winter Accordion concert will feature a meeting of jazz and folk music that has its roots in the coasts and archipelagos of the Baltic Sea. The acclaimed duo infuses its atmospheric performances with both ecstasy and expertise to a stunning backdrop of images depicting scenes from Estonian nature.

Originally from Haapavesi, accordion artist Teija Niku is nowadays based in Helsinki and specializes in Nordic and Baltic folk music. She is highly regarded as a composer of melodious and inventive arrangements whose singing and playing style is rivaled only by her technical brilliance.
The solo recording ”Hetkessä” was released in 2019. It bears witness to the wide register of the accordion while also showcasing its dynamic technical and improvisational possibilities.