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Basic education for adults

Basic education for adults

The basic education for adults is intended for those who have passed the compulsory school age (17 years and older) and who have not completed the basic education course or who need to complete the basic education course or increase their grades in any subject.

Even those who have passed the compulsory school age and who are in need of further education in reading and writing skills can participate in the basic education for adults course.

For each student, a personal study plan is prepared based on the goals that the student has for their studies. You must have sufficiently good knowledge of Swedish or Finnish to gain a study place.

Application  for the  school year 2024-2025

Admission is arranged every year during spring. Studies begin in August.
Application for the academic year 2024–25 is open until 31.4.2024 (Finnish) and 31.3. (Swedish).


More information: vice principal Marianne Waltermann, 040 5512 156,




Education in Finnish

Education in Swedish