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Lectures and events

Lectures are free and open to everyone. Lectures are arranged at:

  • Raastuvankatu 31
  • Kirkkopuistikko 15
  • Online

Have a look at all spring 2024 lectures at:


Night of the Arts at Alma

  • Thursday 15.8. at 17–19.15
  • Kirkkopuistikko 15


17–19 Sign up for our courses
17–19 Language Café
17–18.30 Music program
17–19 Tastes from kitchen courses
18.45–19.15 Lindy Hop Workshop


Previous lectures and events

Welcome to Vaasa – Introductory Lecture
Welcome to vibrant Vaasa!

This introductory lecture gives you an insight into the City of Vaasa and some of the services it offers such as guidance and counseling, culture, sports and leisure activities.

Whether you are relocating to Vaasa inside Finland or have moved from abroad, this event is aimed to all new residents, as well as all those interested in Vaasa.

  • Time: On Thursday February 22nd at 17:30–19:00 pm.
  • Place: Vaasa Adult Education Centre Alma, Raastuvankatu 31, Auditorium B231

The event is free of charge and includes light refreshment. The lecture is held in English.

Because of the refreshments, we kindly ask you to register by Feb 21st at:

The event is arranged by Vaasa Adult Education Centre Alma and Welcome Office Vaasa.


Taste the world

Welcome to an international get together evening with food and talents! Bring some food from your own culture and we create a big picnic table! Non-alcoholic event.

  • Sat 23rd March at 6–10 pm
  • Raastuvankatu 31

Can you sing, play an instrument or do you want to share some other talent with us? Please inform your talent via e-mail at latest 15.3.24:




Customer service in Finnish

  • 0400 868 110 / 040 198 1261 (Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00)

Customer service in Swedish

  • 040 6299 133 (Mon–Thu 10:00–14:00)

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