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Ahvensaari beach

Kuparisaarentie, Vaasa

Ahvensaari beach is located in Suvilahti, in the Southern City Bay area (Eteläinen Kaupunginselkä).

The beach is in a peaceful location at the tip of a wooded mainland peninsula. There are many boulders along the shoreline due to the unspoiled terrain of the area. The beach itself is partly naturally landscaped and partly constructed.  The sandy beach at Ahvensaari is about 100 meters long.


Ahvensaari beach is suitable for families with children. The water deepens slowly and is only one meter deep about twenty meters from the shore. The bottom of the beach is sandy but becomes muddy further out.

The beach has an information board during the bathing season, a lifebuoy with rope, rubbish bins, a changing booth, a chemical toilet, and rubber swings. 150 meters from the beach there is also a car park, which can be reached along a narrow road.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach.


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