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Kronvik Beach

Stråkantie, Vaasa

Kronvik Beach is located in the Sundom district.

The beach is partly naturally landscaped and partly built.

The beach area consists of two sandy beaches.

The longer beach is about 35 metres long. The beach is gently sloping, making it popular for families with children.

The other sandy beach is located about 80 metres along an unpaved road. The water is clearly deeper in the area and you can swim directly from a pier. This sandy beach is approximately 25 metres long.

The seabed is sandy.

There is some vegetation around the beach. The surrounding area is natural. On the left-hand side of the beach, across the unpaved road, is Kronvik Marina.

During the bathing season, there is an information board, a lifebuoy with rope, a changing booth, a rubbish bin and rubber swings.

Parking is available next to the beach.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

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