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By following the common rules, we create a safe and comfortable place for everyone.

Swimwear and hygiene

  • Swimming shorts are permitted swimming outfit. However, you cannot go to the gym wearing the same shorts.
  • Aguamiu-leggings and Aguamiu-tank top are permitted swimming outfit.
  • Swimming hall rents swimsuits with long sleeves and long pant legs.

Forbidden swimwear includes:

  • Sports shorts and other shorts
  • Burkinis

More information can be found from pricelist.


  • Take a shower without a swim suit before going to the sauna and pool.
  • Rinse your hair before you swim or use a swim cap.
  • Long hair should be held fastened.
  • It is recommended that small children wear baby swim diaper. Baby swim diaper can be purchased at the reception of the swimming hall.

Sauna and shower

A personal bench cover must be used in the sauna. You can buy disposable bench covers at the reception (0,40€) if you do not have your own with you. It is forbidden to use a swimsuit as a seat cover.

Always go to the Sauna without swimwear.

A swim suit in the sauna is allowed for people owning a special bracelet or a mark entitling them to do so (e.g. breast cancer patients).

Running in the pools and shower areas is forbidden due to the risk of slipping.

It is forbidden to take any photos in the swimming centre

Swimming safety

Underwater diving is strictly forbidden without the permission of the lifeguard.

Children must be able to swim if they are there without adult supervision.

Respect other swimmers


Gyms can only be used by 13-year-olds and older.

Friend Card

With a Friend Card, a friend or an assistant to a disabled person can come in free of charge (for courses, films, presentations, etc.) Read more about the Friend Card here: