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The Mound

View from the Mound to the Kingsbarn Park Park in the south. Photo Christine Bonn 2004.

The Mound is located at the southern end of the Kauppiaankatu Street, across from the Mustasaari Church. The road leading up to the Mound is steep and not a suitable ascent for everyone. Cars can be parked in the parking lots by the church or Vanha Vaasa museum. The area today functions as a green space, with views of the nearby surroundings. Peaceful and isolated spaces are formed by vegetation orientation on the hillside. The Mustasaari Church is visible in the east, farmlands spread out in the west, and in the south is the Kingsbarn Park in the middle.

The Mound is a softly rounded hill where the Korsholm Castle was built in the 1300’s. The Mound is connected to the Crown Court Avenue by a pathway. On top of the Mound there is a stone cross, a monument for ancient crusaders. The memorial cross was planned by a local gardener, Willy Nykopp, in 1894. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Korsholm Garden could be found close to the Mound, towards Crown Court Avenue. It was an ornamental kitchen garden belonging to the governor, whose house was built in place of the Korsholm Castle. Nowadays the stone cross monument stands in place of the Castle and farmlands cover the area where the garden used to be.

The Mound is an appropriate site for visitors and excursions during the whole growth season. During winter, it is well worth going up to the top of the hill along the trails in the snow to take in the breathtaking scenery. However, there is no longer an open view over the whole Vanha Vaasa city center, similarly to the artwork by art teacher J.G. Hedman portraying a still treeless hillside. The most impressive flora of the area include the old hardwood deciduous and foreign coniferous trees.

Artwork by J.G. Hedman portraying a view from the Mound toward the Vanha Vaasa city centre and Crown Court building. Photo Museum of Ostrobothnia.