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In 1867 kauppaneuvos (Finnish honorary title) C. G. Wolff built a stone pier to the western end of Vaasanpuistikko. The pier was later donated to the city. The area was desig-nated to be used for traffic around the archi-pelago, and was later named as Kalaranta in 1890. It became an important spot for com-merce between the islanders and city dwellers. The first fish market hall was finished in 1906.

Regular traffic in the archipelago started in 1887 between the city centre and Strömsö. Sometimes vessels also stopped at the biggest coastal villas. Traffic increased in the early 1900s and for example in 1908 vessels sailed regularly from Oravais, Replot, Björkö, Sundom, Malax, and Korsnäs to Vaasa. Regular connections were ceased in 1975–1976. The routes were difficult due to shoaly waters and the land uplift. The amount of fish population was also decreased because of the land uplift all the way from the 1500s.