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Common redstart

Phoenicurus phoenicurus

The male common redstart exhibits a more colorful plumage than the female. Photo Christer Hangelin.

General information. The common redstart population is mainly concentrated to northern Finland. In Vaasa, however, it is still a relatively common species in urban areas as well as in barren forest hillsides. The common redstart is a migratory species arriving in Vaasa in early May. The males are most active during night and early morning hours, singing a clear, plaintive song. The common redstart is a cavity nester and can therefore easily be persuaded to settle down in nesting boxes in gardens. Unlike boxes intended for tits the entrance hole should preferably have a diameter of seven centimeters.

  • Length 15 cm
  • Nests in nesting boxes, wood piles and buildings
  • Winters in southern Europe and north Africa
  • Feeds on butterflies, beatles and spiders

Habitat. The common redstart nests in wooded – as well as built up areas. Sub-xeric heath forests and particularly pine forests are preferred habitats but it can also be found nesting in mesic heath forests along hillsides. In urban areas the redstart seems to prefer spacious detached housing areas.

Distribution in Vaasa. The common redstart population in Vaasa is concentrated to built-up areas and is most likely to be observed in detached housing areas such as those in Asevelikylä, Gerby, Huutoniemi, Metsäkallio and Purola.