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Eurasian Siskin

Carduelis spinus

 Eurasian siskins. Photo Christer Hangelin.

General information. The Eurasian siskin is a common and plentiful passerine in Finland. The nesting population has increased according to the latest surveys.

  • Length 12 cm
  • Nests in high spruce trees
  • Primarily migratory species. Migrates to western- and southern Europe for the winter
  • Feeds on insects and seeds

Habitat. The Eurasian siskin primarily nests in coniferous forests but is also a common nester near residential areas and along edges of city parks. Like the common redpoll, their nesting season is long in duration. Observations indicate that nesting can be made from April through to August.

Distribution in Vaasa. The Eurasian siskin is a common bird species found in Vaasa. It was observed in about 200 survey blocks. Size of the annual populations varies, depending on the availability of seeds from coniferous trees.