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Regulus regulus

The goldcrest is a very small bird, only 9,5 cm long and weighs about 10 grams. It is an insectivore and primarily finds its food on branches of coniferous trees and in bark crevices. Male and female can be distinguished by the color prevalent on top of the head; orange for male and yellow for female. Photo Jouni Kannonlahti.

General information. The population Finland’s smallest bird, the goldcrest, has maintained a steady level according to long term studies (Väisänen 2005). Annual variations in population can be great, depending on the success of wintering. As some of the birds spend the winter in Finland and mortality rates can be high if temperatures are very low. However, the large brooding of the goldcrest quickly replenishes the population.

  • Finland’s smallest bird, only 9,5 cm long
  • Finland’s smallest bird, only 9,5 cm longNests high up in spruce trees
  • A large part of goldcrests winter in Central- and southern Europe
  • Feeds on insects

Habitat. The goldcrest is common in Finland’s coniferous forests, where it thrives and populations tend to be large. It is absent from homogenous deciduous forests.

Distribution in Vaasa. The goldcrest is common and evenly distributed throughout the survey area. During nesting season, it was observed in about 200 survey blocks. It also nests on the forested islands of the inner archipelago. The species is absent from the vast farmlands of Söderfjärden as well as the densely built up city centre.