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Common House Martin

Delichon urbica

The common house martin constructs its nest from mud and insulates it with feathers. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. The common house martin is typically a human companion. It is easily spotted as it inhabits built up areas in Finland. The population, however, is believed to have decreased over the past few decades.

  • Length 14 cm
  • Builds its nest preferably near water bodies. The nesting site is often found under a roof edge or shelter
  • Winters in tropical Africa
  • Feeds on flying insects

Habitat. The common house martin is a regular nester around built up areas throughout Finland. This species is most usually found nesting in the countryside, in communities consisting of 5 to 30 pairs. It also inhabits urban areas, being even found dwelling in the center of large cityscapes.

Distribution in Vaasa. Observations indicating nesting house martins were made in a total of 84 survey blocks in Vaasa. It is most commonly found nesting in urban waterfront areas, yet is also found thriving in the countryside and archipelago.