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Stock Pigeon

Columba oenas

The stock pigeons migrate back to Finland in March, during which time they can often be spotted foraging by roadsides. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. The stock pigeon thrives in cultural landscapes but nests sparsely across these areas. The vast majority of the nesting population is concentrated in the southern regions of Finland. During nesting season, the stock pigeon is wary and shy, usually remaining unnoticed.

  • Length 33 cm
  • Nests in black woodpecker holes or nest boxes
  • Migratory species. Winters in southwestern Europe
  • Feeds on seeds and grain

Habitat. The stock pigeon thrives in forest copses found in the countryside or parks nearby large farms. It nests in tree cavities and nesting boxes, laying a pair of eggs two or three times during the nesting season. The final brood of nestlings can still be found in the nest during September.

Distribution in Vaasa. The stock pigeon sparsely distributes its nests throughout Vaasa. It is most likely spotted during spring migration from April to May in Söderfjärden or the vast farmlands that neighbor the airport. During migration, stock pigeons can be found consorting with the wood pigeon. Yet due to its smaller size, the stock pigeon is easily identified in such diverse flocks.