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Blyth's reed warbler

Acrocephalus dumetorum

The Blyth’s reed warbler is among the most proficient songbirds in Finland. Photo Jan Nyman

General information. The Blyth’s reed warbler is a southeastern newcomer that has spread to Finland as late as the 20th century. The northernmost boundary of their distribution currently runs through the southern part of the Oulu region. With only a handful established nesting populations existing in the entire country, the total population averages about 7000 pairs.

  • Length 13 cm
  • Nest is built suspended in vegetation such as thickets of raspberry or willowherb
  • Migrates to the Far East and Asia over winter
  • Feeds on insects and spiders

Habitat. The Blyth’s reed warbler nests in semi-open scrublands with raspberry, willowherb and spiraea plants. Such suitable habitats are found along the edges of farm fields, drainage ditches and marginal lands.

Distribution in Vaasa. The Blyth’s reed warbler can be heard singing mostly at night, impeding observations from being made.