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Icterine Warbler

Hippolais icterina

The icterine warbler hides skillfully amongst the foliage. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The icterine warbler is one of the last migratory birds to arrive in Vaasa during the latter half of May, directly followed by its advanced song can be heard from lush waterfront coppices. It prefers the highest tree-top branches and is usually very difficult to spot. Usually, its song can still be heard while the bird itself remains hidden.

  • Length 14 cm
  • Nests in a bush or tree
  • Winters in the southern parts of Africa
  • Feeds on insects and spiders

Habitat. The icterine warbler is a characteristic bird for lush deciduous forests and herb rich forests. It thrives in old, mixed-type forests at the edge of pastures, in old parks, graveyards and herb rich forests. The nest is built in a tree or bush, being very rarely spotted as it is well disguised among the branches and vegetation.

Distribution in Vaasa. The icterine warbler nests scarcely in and around Vaasa and was observed in 34 survey blocks. However, several pairs can be found nesting close to each other in particularly auspicious biotopes. It is most easily sighted in Vaasa during May to June, in the waterfront coppices of Vaskiluoto, Gerby, around Onkilahti or in Suvilahti.