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Fringilla montifringilla

The brambling is a rare nester in Vaasa but can, however, be seen in large flocks during migration season. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The brambling is a bird of the finch family, native to northern Finland, particularly Forest- and Fell-Lapland. The nesting population in Finland has remained fairly stable during the past few years. During cold springs the brambling nests in the southern parts of the country.

  • Length 16 cm
  • Nests in trees
  • Winters in western- and central Europe
  • Feeds on seeds and insects

Habitat. In northern Finland the brambling nests in forests, in stunted-growth birch copses and around swampland.

Distribution in Vaasa. The brambling was observed in about 20 survey blocks during the inventory. Observations were mainly concentrated to lush deciduous- and mixed type forests located in valleys.