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Common Snipe

Gallinago gallinago

The common snipe can at times be spotted perched in the top of a tree. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The common snipe is one of the most plentiful waders in Finland. In spring, their ‘baaing’ call echoes over moorlands, waterfront meadows and wetlands, especially during the dusky hours of the night. This characteristic sound is created by the outer, stiffer tail feathers vibrating during their winnowing courtship display, which has given it the Finnish name ‘taivaanvuohi’ (sky goat).

  • Length 26 cm
  • Nests on the ground under vegetation cover
  • Migrates to western and southern Europe for the winter. Some individuals have been found nesting in Åland and on the west coast of Finland.
  • Feeds on mainly worms, molluscs, plant material and seeds

Habitat. Moorlands, waterfront meadows, wetlands and ditch edges.

Distribution in Vaasa. The inhabitance of the common snipe in Vaasa is concentrated in valley areas and Långskäret west of Sundom. Observations indicating nesting common snipes were made in about 70 survey blocks. It is absent from built up areas and the farmlands of Söderfjärden.