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Eurasian coot

Fulica atra

A distinguishing feature of the Eurasian coot is its white facial shield. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The Eurasian coot is a wetland bird, member of the rail family, easily distinguishable by its coal grey plumage and white facial shield. It is a fairly recent addition to the Finnish avifauna, first arriving to the lush, shallow lakes of Southern Finland in the early 1900’s. The nesting population varies significantly from year to year with the population in the entire country ranging between 5000-10 000 pairs.

  • Length 36-40 cm
  • Nest is a stack of aquatic plant material in a reed bed
  • Migrates primarily to Western Europe and Southern Scandinavia for winter
  • Feeds on molluscs, aquatic plants and fry

Habitat. Nests in lush reed beds in lakes and shallow sea bays.

Distribution in Vaasa. During the survey years, observations indicating nesting Eurasian coots were made in three locations. During spring it is most likely spotted in the Eteläinen Kaupunkiselkä bay.