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Eurasian Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceus

The Eurasian reed warbler hides skillfully in reed beds. Photo Arto Juvonen.

General information. The Eurasian reed warbler is a newcomer in the Finnish avifauna. Its distribution area reached the southwestern coast of Finland during the 1920’s. Nowadays, the Eurasian reed warbler primarily nests in the southern and central parts of the country, where the northernmost nesting areas can be found along the coast in vast reed beds in Liminka.

  • Length 13 cm
  • Nests in reed beds
  • Winters in Africa
  • Feeds on insects and spiders

Habitat. The Eurasian reed warbler is a typical reed bed dwelling species, thriving along the outskirts and growing in water. High growing reed beds are also popular habitats of the reed warbler.

Distribution in Vaasa. The Eurasian reed warbler is a very sparsely occurring nester. During the survey it was observed in only around 10 survey blocks. It is a nocturnal singer and can be heard from only late May to June. After breeding, the males cease their nightly mating calls. The song of the Eurasian reed warbler can be heard in Öjskatan and the Eteläinen Kaupunginselkä-bay.