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Mesic heath forests

Mesic heath forests can be like a real-life wonderland with thick, green carpets of blueberry plants. Photo Malin Henriksson

Mesic heath forests are fairly shadowy and damp forest types, where spruce and birch trees thrive. Aspen, small rowan and alder trees are also common. At ground level, blueberry plants dominate alongside arctic starflowers and twinflowers. Several various species of moss, for example feather- and plume moss abound the mesic heath forest. Lichen, however is absent from the damp environment. Typical bird species of this forest type is European robin, common blackbird, song thrush, redwing and chaffinch.

Mesic heath forest is the most prevalent forest type in Vaasa and stands of varying sizes can be found in most parts of the city. Larger areas of mesic heath forest can be found in Öjen and around the Pilvilampi-lake. Bird song is best experienced during spring or early summer when bird activity is at its peak. Blueberries can be picked no earlier than August.