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Xeric heath forests

Lichen can be found in greater amounts in xeric heath forests than in sub-xeric heath forests. Photo Toni Lustila.

The driest, most sparse forest type found in Vaasa is the xeric heath forest. At ground level you find lichen, heather, lingonberries and black crowberries. The only species of tree able to survive in these conditions is the pine tree. Typical bird species found are common redstart, mistle thrush, spotted flycatcher, tree pipit and Eurasian siskin but abundance is smaller than in other, more lush forests.

Albeit a rarity in Vaasa, xeric heath forests can be found in small sections of sub-xeric heath forest in Böle and around Öjberget. Walking is a pleasurable experience as ground vegetation is low growing and the forest can be visited all year round. Lingonberries can be picked in September but harvests are usually more plentiful in sub-xeric heath forests.