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Kotiranta, Metsäkallio, Kivihaka, Länsiniitty and Koskisuo

The older dwellings and distinctive yards of Kotiranta are part of a residential area close to the city centre and the shops of the Kivihaka commercial district. Metsäkallio, Kivihaka, Länsiniitty and Koskisuo are the newest residential areas in Vaasa. Many families build their houses here, which makes it easy for the children to find a playmate next door.

Kotiranta (Hemstrand)

Kotiranta is a residential neighbourhood of mostly detached houses and small townhouses.

Metsäkallio (Skogsberget)

Metsäkallio is the newest residential area in Vaasa, and it is located beside a cross-country skiing track, for example.

Kivihaka (Stenhaga)

Within a few years, Kivihaka has rapidly expanded into a large commercial centre. The commercial centre is located along major traffic routes and it is easy to reach Kivihaka from other places as well.

Länsiniitty (Västerängen)


Koskisuo (Forskärr)