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Financial support and advice

Whether you are unemployed, a student, have a family with children or have only recently moved to Finland and need social assistance or you have questions regarding financial assistance, you can find a list of support services on this page.

Start-up grants and unemployment benefits

Unemployed jobseeker: Try entrepreneurship with unemployment benefits or apply for a start-up grant. Read more

The Yrittäjän talousapu counselling service for entrepreneurs is a national service which provides assistance and counselling for small business owners and companies experiencing financial distress. Yrittäjän talousapu

ELY-Centre supports development and investment projects by small and medium-sized Finnish enterprises Read more (only in Finnish and Swedish)

Quick guide to unemployment benefits

Support for families with children

Supplementary and preventive social assistance (Only in Finnish and Swedish)

Fi­nan­cial and debt coun­sell­ing

Vaasa Financial advice clinic

Wondering about your own financial situation?
You don’t have to be left alone with financial worries!
Financial advice clinic is a low-threshold service providing a possibility to discuss everyday financial questions without booking an appointment. Financial advice clinic serves in Vaasa, Tammipiha, Teräksenkuja 1.
See timetable from the link above.

Come and visit or call: 040-482 6618

Read more (page  in Finnish)

Fincial and debt counsellors will help you if you are worried about your finances. They will advise you on all kinds of everyday financial issues, such as how to plan your spending and stay on budget. 

Read more

Other social assistance

Organizations, societies and congregations also offer other support for ensuring livelihood and well-being. See for example:

The Salvation Army

Lähimmäiskoti (only in Finnish)

Single Parents’ Association

Hyvinvointilomat (only in Finnish)