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Alma’s students are very satisfied with their adult education centre

Published: 30.8.2022

In an extensive survey, Vaasa’s Alma Adult Education Centre has been finding out the views of students regarding the activities on offer there. Vaasa-opisto and Vasa Arbis merged in January 2021. The coronavirus epidemic that started in March 2020 had a significant impact on teaching practices, teachers’ working methods and students’ learning experiences.

Alma’s customer satisfaction survey was carried out by the research and consulting company Innolink in May 2022. A total of 1,005 responses were received, of which 740 were from current students and 265 were from potential students.

The results of the survey were very good. As many as 88 per cent of students are willing to recommend Alma and 94 per cent said that their expectations had been met.

Teachers are valued

Moving teaching online during the Coronavirus era meant that both teachers and students had to swiftly adapt to using new digital tools. Quick and precise information was expected from the staff under the exceptional circumstances.

– The students felt that they had received support in their studies. They appreciated the competency of the teachers and that our entire staff was willing to help. Despite the exceptional circumstances, we managed to maintain a good relationship with the students, says Principal Sannasirkku Autio.

The survey confirmed that, in addition to team spirit, Alma’s courses and lectures helped students find new perspectives and happiness in their everyday lives.

– Alma’s central strength and resource is its sense of community. We are proud of our staff and the trust our students place in us, says Principal Sannasirkku Autio happily.

A multilingual range of courses

Most of those who answered the survey were aware that the two institutes had merged and were positive about this.

– In the free comments of the study, however, concern was expressed that the number of courses offered in Swedish would have decreased. This is not true, as the amount of courses offered remains unchanged, Principal Autio corrects.

She also states that Alma will map out the Swedish-language offering so that it corresponds to demand in an even better way than before.

A versatile autumn

In the autumn term, Alma will offer open courses for all ages and tastes, from languages to handicraft skills, exercise and performing arts. The languages of instruction are mainly Finnish and Swedish. Language courses are offered in several languages, with face-to-face and web-based teaching. What is new are the courses that are evaluated, and for which you will receive study credits.

The popular and free public lectures will also continue with topics such as human internal endurance, rising consumer prices and the use of DNA in genealogy.