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City of Vaasa recruits 611 people despite corona pandemic

Published: 3.3.2021

In 2020, the City of Vaasa recruited a total of 611 people, a figure that is relatively high considering the ongoing global pandemic. The year before, the City of Vaasa recruited 577 people. This year, the city has mostly recruited teachers and nurses as well as supervisors in the education sector. The number of people recruited anonymously has increased and the employer image is being developed effectively in Vaasa.

In 2020, the total number of jobseekers was 4914, of which 70% were women and 30% men. A total of 374 employees were employed on a permanent basis, and 230 fixed-term positions were filled.

Every month, we employ an average of 330 people also in short-term temporary positions in units within early childhood education and the social welfare and healthcare sectors.

In addition, Vaasa City Council provided financial support to ensure that 168 people in long-term unemployment could join the workforce in 2020. The number of people covered by statutory employment obligations was a total of 16, of which 9 had started in 2019 and continued until 2020. In 2020, seven new employment relationships began. The City of Vaasa also employed 13 partially disabled people.

Vaasa city recruitments in 2020

Recruitments: 426
Workplaces: 611
Permanent 374, fixed-term 230
Applicants: 4914 (of which 70% women and 30% men)
Permanent 105, fixed term 409
Native language distribution: Finnish 65%, Swedish 28%, other 7%
Different professions: 161
Recruitments made using anonymous searches: 23
External applications 555, internal applications 56 (total 611)

Most searched professions:

Teachers, lecturers
Supervisors (social worker, counsellor, youth counsellor, family counsellor)
School assistants
Early childhood education teachers
Chief physicians, physicians + dentists
Public health nurses
Early childhood education carer

Age distribution:

Under 20 > 31%
20-29 > 29%
30-39 > 17%
40-49 > 12.5 %
50-59 > 9 %
Yli 60 > 1.5%

Expansion of anonymous recruitment and development of employer image

Anonymous recruitment was tested within the City of Vaasa for the first time already in 2018. The experiences have been positive among both the applicants and the recruiters. In anonymous recruitment, the supervisor does not see the applicant’s personal data in the application at the stage when potential interview candidates are selected. Instead, the application highlights information that is essential to the skills required for the position and relevant to the city’s strategy.

Within the City of Vaasa, 12 anonymous recruitments were made in 2019, and 23 were made in 2020.

An important part of the City of Vaasa’s strategy is also the active development of the employer image. The city has an applicant experience questionnaire, which is sent to all those who have applied for work at the City of Vaasa. In addition, the city is currently studying the employer image through both internal and external employer image research.

-Developing an employer image is very important in order to attract skilled professionals. Based on the results of the research, we can make a development plan and thus focus on the right things, explains the recruitment manager for the City of Vaasa, Anne Lindell.

Record number of youngsters employed

The City of Vaasa employed a total of 433 youngsters for summer jobs in 2020. Sports scholarships were distributed to 18 youngsters interested in working in sports, and 4-h entrepreneurial support was granted to six youngsters interested in entrepreneurship. In addition, the employment of 46 young people was supported through a summer job voucher issued by the City of Vaasa.

In addition, the city hired summer substitutes for various tasks. A total of about 195 summer substitutes for local carers were hired in the social welfare and healthcare services. About 43 substitutes for nurses were employed and four substitutes for department secretaries.

-Despite Corona and partly because of it, we had a record year of summer jobs. This is very significant, as several municipalities completely cancelled all their summer jobs, says the employment manager for the City of Vaasa, Helena Nurmikoski.

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