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Construction of the Hietasaarenkatu bike lane begins

Published: 25.7.2023

The cycling alliance of the City of Vaasa, GRK Suomi Oy, and Sitowise Oyj is going to create high-quality walking and cycling paths, or lanes, as of the beginning of July. The main contractor of the project is GRK Finland Oy.

Constructions for the new bike lane will proceed per city block starting on 25 July 2023 and continuing until the end of the year.   The constructions may have a noise impact on the properties nearby between 7.00 and 18.00 (7 am to 6 pm).

– Once ready, the bike lane will be one kilometre long and it will be accompanied by a separate footpath, connecting the inner harbour to the Wasa Station multi-purpose area in the plans. We also have plans to extend the lane towards Kivihaka later, says walking and cycling project engineer Samuli Huusko.

The constructions will impact all traffic in Hietasaarenkatu until the end of 2023. People using the road are asked to pay special attention to the traffic arrangements that will keep changing along the course of the project. However, it will be possible to access the houses in the area throughout the project.

Vaasa is aiming for a 50 km network of bike lanes

The bike lane of Hietasaarenkatu is part of a larger cycling project that aims to improve the availability of high-quality walking and biking routes in Vaasa. The project will continue until 2029, and over the course of those years, Vaasa is planned to get 50 km of high-quality routes in the form of walking and biking lanes and other cycling paths, with assisting services. The lanes are constructed by Vaasan Pyöräilyallianssi, a cooperation between the City of Vaasa, GRK Suomi, and Sitowise Oyj.

– Vaasa is a fantastic cycling city, as over 81 % of the residents live within a 5 km radius of Market Square; within the ideal cycling distance. The bike lanes between the city centre and different suburbs will make it easier to travel between different parts of Vaasa, describes Huusko.

The cycling project also advances the goal of the City of Vaasa to be carbon neutral by the end of 2020. When walking and biking increase, carbon emissions from transport decrease.

You can see the details of the construction are on this map.