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Mini-Lifti shared cars arriving on our streets - welcome to the public announcement event

Published: 1.9.2022

The first Mini-Lifti shared cars will start to appear on the city streets next week. A public announcement event will be held on Thursday, 8 September from 15:00-17:00, when you can get to know about the cars and, if possible, also test drive them. The cars are used by city employees on weekdays, but anyone can freely rent them in the evenings and weekends.

Three fully electric, automatic Mini-Lifti shared cars are located in the parking area of the Urban Environment office at Kirkkopuistikko 26, where bays with medium-speed charging points have been built for them. The cars are used by city employees on weekdays between 07:00 – 16:30 and can be rented by members of the public at other times.

– Besides residents and city staff, tourists can also take advantage of the centrally located cars. Shared cars bring flexibility to travel and improve mobility opportunities, especially for people without cars, says Public Utility Services Project Manager Tomi Paalosmaa.

At the public event, you can get to know about the cars with a guide from Omago, which is responsible for their operation. Omago owns the cars and is responsible for their maintenance, cleanliness, insurance and usage.

– We have successful experiences when it comes to providing a shared car service, not only in other parts of Finland, but also in Vaasa. We believe that Mini-Lifts will quickly find their way to being used by city residents and we look forward to seeing how they will be received by the people of Vaasa, says Omago’s Sales Manager, Jeremias Lahtinen.

Lifti is now also Mini-Lifti

The compact but spacious Nissan Leaf Visia was chosen as the car model, which is very suitable for various usage needs. The name and appearance of the service, on the other hand, was adapted from the familiar Lifti brand associated with public transport.

– We wanted to expand the Lifti brand image, which has already become familiar to residents, to also cover shared cars. In this way they stand out nicely in the urban cityscape. Later, we will give each car its own unique name, which will make identification and renting easier, explains Paalosmaa.

The purpose of the Mini-Liftis now being put into service is to collect experiences and information about the use of shared cars.

– Shared cars are being planned on a larger scale, for example, in the Ravilaakso district, which is currently under construction. Based on the experiences gained from the first cars, it will be easier to expand the service in the coming years, explains Paalosmaa.

Read more about shared cars at and find more detailed instructions on the Omago website.

The Mini-Lifti car sharing event will be held on Thursday, 8 September from 15:00-17:00 in the parking area of the Urban Environment Office at Kirkkopuistikko 26. The City of Vaasa’s Public Utility Services Project Manager Tomi Paalosmaa will be there together with Omago CEO Joel Virpi, Sales Director Jeremias Lahtinen and Maintenance Manager Seppo Puoliväli.