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Online sale of Öjberget tickets is now open

Published: 15.12.2023

Öjberget ski slope opening is approaching! You can secure your tickets in advance in the Snowcard online store. As a new feature, you can also pay by Epassi!

As the opening of the Öjberget slopes approaches, you can already buy tickets in advance in the online store. Epassi has been added as a new payment method.

Note! You can only buy tickets from the online store if you already have a pre-existing physical Snowcard pass.

As of 18 December 2023, Vaasa Swimming Hall sells Snowcard passes at the customer service desk. The passes are sold during the swimming hall’s opening hours. At the swimming hall, you can only buy physical cards; the tickets, if purchased in advance, are downloaded at the online store.

Once the slopes open, you can get your Snowcard pass and download tickets to it from the ticket machine in the Öjberget café building.

Slope snow cover ready, opening date to be confirmed

At Öjberget, the slopes are now covered with snow and perfect for the skiing season! The slopes are currently being prepared for opening.

The exact date of the opening of the slopes will be announced later, and the date will be available on the city’s channels and on the ski, ice and slope information website.