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School registration opens up in Vaasa 9.1.2023

Published: 19.12.2022

The registration for the first grade in the compulsory education as well as the registration for the morning and afternoon care opens up on the 9.1 2023. Both registrations take place in the electronical system Wilma.

School registration to first grade is to be done within the time period 9–22.1.2023. The registration will be done electronically at

All children who are born in the year 2016 or earlier who have not yet started their school path are to be registered for basic education.

Wilma is already in use in all of the preschools in Vaasa. If a guardian does not have Wilma-codes yet, they are asked to be in contact with the pre-school teachers.

All students have a pre-assigned neighborhood school in Wilma. It can be seen in Wilma when the registration opens up, ie. from 9.1 onwards. If the parents want their child to attend another school or a special educational line, they need to apply for a change of school or line by filling in an application in Wilma.

Info events for the Music and English education

There will be an information evening about the Bilingual and English Education at Suvilahti School on Monday 9th of January at 18.00-19.00. The info event is bilingual (English-Finnish).

The Music Classes welcome you to come and find out more about their activities and school path on Tuesday 10th of January starting at 18.00. It will be held in the music class of the lower grades at Onkilahden yhtenäiskoulu, Vuorikatu 7.

Applying for morning and afternoon care

Morning and afternoon care is organized during school days between the hours 8-16. Students in first and second grade can apply for this. Those students that are in Special Support can as well apply for morning and afternoon care, regardless of grade level. The morning and afternoon care comes with an additional charge. Read more about Morning and afternoon activities here.

The registration for morning and afternoon care is open 9.1.–12.2.2023 at

Help with registration

The staff at the Department of Education are more than happy to help with the electronical registration:

  • secretary of Administration Therése Kangas, phone 040 647 5611
  • secretary of Administration Annika Härkönen, phone 040 520 4516

We warmly welcome all new first graders to the school community amongst their new friends!