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Tens of thousands of summer flowers to be planted in Vaasa again

Published: 10.6.2024

Vaasa’s cityscape is set to bloom with tens of thousands of vibrant summer flowers again this year. This year’s theme features warm hues of orange and burgundy. You can check out the summer flower brochure and take yourself on a floral walk guided by the map included in the brochure.

The planning for our summer flower displays begins in the latter part of the previous year, with decisions made about the colour schemes and types of flowers to be used.  This year, the flower planting designs are made by landscape horticulturist Åsa Enholm, under the guidance of green area horticulturist Leila Roininen.

The summer flower season

The summer flower season of 2024 kicks off around Easter when tetenarcissus flowers are brought into Vaasa’s city centre.  By May, approximately 28,000 tulips and daffodils, planted last October, will be in full bloom.  These bulb plants will bloom in shades of yellow, orange-red, pink, and purple.

– In May, we also start preparing the bedding plant displays at the city’s greenhouse, where we begin planting flower towers and containers, Enholm explains.

The plants continue to grow in the greenhouse until the threat of frost has passed, after which they are transported and planted throughout the city.

– After the bulb plants wither, the soil beds are fertilised and turned over in preparation for the flower plantings. By Midsummer, all 19,000 summer flowers will have been planted, says Enholm.

For about four months, these beautiful summer flowers will delight both residents and visitors in Vaasa.  This year’s stunning display is a combination of warm oranges and burgundies, accented by vibrant purples, yellows, and whites.

Explore the summer flower brochure and take a floral walk

The summer flower brochure provides a detailed guide to the different flower species and their planting locations. You can download the digital brochure from the city’s website.

For 2024, a flower walk has been planned through Vaasa city centre.  This 3.5-kilometre route winds through the parks and green spaces around the Market Square and along the waterfront.  Along the way, you’ll find benches where you can sit, relax, and soak up the summery vibes of Vaasa.

The summer flower brochure 2024