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The ice swimming area at Inner Harbour to close on April 23, 2024

Published: 9.4.2024

The swimming season at the Inner Harbour’s ice swimming area will conclude on April 23, 2024. Decisions regarding the next season have not yet been made.

The pedestrian bridge leading to the ice swimming area, situated at the end of Hietasaarenkatu, will be closed on Tuesday, April 23. The changing rooms are located on a separate concrete pontoon platform, which will be removed shortly thereafter.

– The changing rooms are rented by us, and there is always a monthly lease agreement in place. With the sunny weather starting in May, more people will be spending time at the beaches. As the changing rooms are open, there would also be an increased risk of vandalism, explains Jarmo Latvala, Service Coordinator of the Green Area Team.

Popular activity with thousands of visitors

The winter season at the facility has progressed smoothly, with no incidents of vandalism reported. Small adjustments have been made based on feedback from users.

– For example, one set of stairs leading to the water have been replaced with shallower steps, and the mats in the changing rooms were changed, Latvala notes.

Decisions on the continuation of the ice swimming area for the next season have not yet been made. The area at Inner Harbour was realised for this winter with funding from participatory budgeting, totalling €15,000.

Since its opening in December 2023, the open for all and free-of-charge ice swimming area has been incredibly popular, attracting over 6,200 visitors during the three-and-a-half-month statistical period.