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Vaasa demands: Vaasa streets be given a Vaasa identity

Published: 24.10.2019

In Vaasa, it has been noted with concern that there are streets called Vaasankatu located in different parts of Finland - and even around the world – that do not resemble the genuine Vaasa at all. Such Vaasankatu streets lack sea views, Strömsö and World Heritage sites. Even the number of sunny days does not match the level of those found in Vaasa.

– From this observation came the idea that we in Vaasa need to do something about it. For example, the rents on the street called Vaasankatu in Helsinki have become far higher than the good standard level here in Vaasa, says Mari Kattelus, Marketing Manager of the Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.

Vaasa has now launched an initiative demanding that the conditions on Vaasankatu streets be improved to meet the criteria of a Vaasa identity or, alternatively, that the street names be changed. The first signatory of the initiative is City Mayor Tomas Häyry.

– It is time to act now, since the reputation of the whole Vaasa region as the centre of easy living is at stake. All residents of Vaasa and other Vaasa-minded people must sign this initiative in order to demand that cities make their Vaasankatu streets Vaasa-worthy from start to finish! demands Häyry with this initiative.

The initiative can be signed at

– The campaign is common for all of us, so we hope that everyone in Vaasa and those living in the Vaasa region will join in to make Vaasa known. Through the initiative, we can highlight the positive aspects of Vaasa and the region, and for that everyone’s efforts are needed, says Leena Forsén, Communications Manager at the City of Vaasa.

– If we receive 2,000 signatures for the initiative, we will organise a macaroni and dill festival on the Vaasa market square for all the people of Vaasa, Kattelus promises.

The address starts an attraction campaign

The Vaasa initiative is part of an attraction campaign for the Vaasa region, which aims to increase the attractiveness and visibility of Vaasa elsewhere in Finland. According to a recent image survey, only one in ten Finns feels that they know Vaasa well.

– Many things are really good in Vaasa. We believe, for example, that interesting jobs and access to housing, short commuting distances, and the unique nature and proximity to the sea make life a little easier than in large growth centres. We are also genuinely proud of Vaasa and the Vaasa lifestyle – here everything runs like Strömsö on TV. That is why the campaign’s slogan was “Life is supposed to be easy,” Forsén says.

The campaign will continue through paid advertising from late October to late November, including commercials on national radio and digital advertising for young adults living in cities outside the Vaasa region.

– Next year we will continue the campaign with a strong recruitment drive, together with companies and the other actors, which will hopefully increase the number of jobseekers for vacancies and improve the labour supply in the region, says Kattelus about the future.